Thousand Yard Stare (2018)

Release Date: 07 May 2018
Runtime: 91 mins
Genres War
Actors Adam Munro , Kirsten Wendlandt , Gin Fedotov , Michael Dodge , Kelten Jensen , Christopher Giles , Mathieu Bourassa , Kelsey Flower , Brian Christensen , Kieran Testa , Clint Yanchula , Ryan Hatt , Kevin Johnson , Jason Schneider , Michele Wienecke , Taylor Paige , Greg Fiddler , Alan Edward Johnson , Erin Maxwell Albert , Chris Krueger , Nathan Macdonald , Jeremy Mason , Lee Savage , Dan Spadafora , Morgan Wilks , Reid Wilks , Peter Von Sass , Jak Vincent , Ali Hunt , Peggy Walker

Returning home after fighting in Africa during World War II, a soldier with PTSD finds reintegrating with family life increasingly difficult as he relives the battle of Kasserine Pass.

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