Thelma (2017)

Release Date: 15 September 2017
Runtime: 116 mins
Genres Drama Mystery Romance Thriller
Actors Eili Harboe, Kaya Wilkins, Henrik Rafaelsen, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Grethe Eltervåg, Marte Magnusdotter Solem, Anders Mossling, Vanessa Borgli, Steinar Klouman Hallert, Ingrid Giæver, Oskar Pask, Gorm Alexander Foss Grømer, Camilla Belsvik, Martha Kjørven, Ingrid Jørgensen Dragland, Lars Berge, Vibeke Lundquist, Sigve Bøe, Isabel Christine Andreasen, Tom Louis Lindstrøm, Irina Eidsvold Tøien, Ludvig Algeback, Ian Twedmark Toll, Vidar Fransson, Peter Ekedahl, Jonas Jörgensen, Tommy Larsson

A woman begins to fall in love, only to discover that she has fantastic powers. |

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