The Scent of Rain and Lightning (2017)

Release Date:
Runtime: 100 mins
Genres Drama Mystery Western
Actors Justin Chatwin , Maggie Grace , Maika Monroe , Mark Webber , Bonnie Bedelia , Will Patton , Logan Miller , Aaron Poole , Brad Carter , Kassia Conway , Blake Robbins , JR Hatchett , Meg Crosbie , Jackson A. Dunn , Kami King , Nathan J Kress , DaVena Sulevan , Laurie Cummings , Joey Bicicchi , Ginger Gilmartin , Angela Soldier , Jay Dee , Jonnie Parnell , Kristen Melling , Attila Gyula Balázs , Mi-Ling Stone Poole , William Sturgeon , Charles Walker , Devin Montgomery , Jeff Robison

The Scent of Rain & amp; Lightning (2017) Based on the novel THE SCENT OF RAIN & LIGHTNING by Nancy Pickard. When a young woman learns her parents’ killer has been released from jail, she is forced to revisit old wounds while…

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