The Sapphires (2012)

Release Date: 8 August 2012
Runtime: 103 mins
Genres Biography Comedy Drama Music Musical
Actors Tanika Lonesborough, Nioka Brennan, Lynette Narkle, Kylie Belling, Tammy Anderson, Miah Madden, Ava Jean Miller-Porter, Carlin Briggs, Gregory J. Fryer, Miranda Tapsell, Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Koby Murray, Hunter Page-Lochard, Chris O'Dowd, Judith Lucy, Annette Hodgson, Tom Whitechurch, Shari Sebbens, Georgina Haig, Rhys Muldoon, Barry Conrad, Ace Spencer Davis, Rodney Todd, Eric Rasmussen, Julian Bel Bachir, Amy Miller-Porter, Clarence Thane, Merelyn Adamson, Meyne Wyatt

It’s 1968, and four young, talented Australian Aboriginal girls learn about love, friendship and war when their all-girl group The Sapphires entertain the US troops in Vietnam.

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