The Pretty One (2013)

Release Date:
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres Comedy Drama
Actors Frankie Shaw, Zoe Kazan, Sabrina Lloyd, Jake Johnson, Ron Livingston, John Carroll Lynch, Jeremy Howard, Shae D'lyn, Danny Pudi, Lee Garlington, Sterling Beaumon, Meagen Fay, Jennifer Lafleur, Luka Jones, Dale Raoul, Audi Resendez, Judith Drake, Mark Kelly, Annie O'Donnell, Anne Gregory, Scott Engrotti, Devan Leos, Julian Wass, Judy Durning, Jenée LaMarque, Bronwyn Cornelius, Luke Colombero, Akinsola Aribo, Tyler Nunes, Katherine Macanufo

A tragedy presents Laurel with the chance to reinvent herself as her idolized twin sister, Audrey. As she eases into the life she has always wanted, she must decide between continuing the lie or revealing herself as the perfect fraud.

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