The Man With The Magic Box (2017)

Release Date: 20 Oct 2017
Runtime: 103 mins
Genres Drama Romance Sci-Fi
Actors Olga Boladz , Piotr Polak , Sebastian Stankiewicz , Helena Norowicz , Wojciech Zielinski , Bartlomiej Firlet , Bartosz Cao , Anna Konieczna , Agata Buzek , Arkadiusz Jakubik , Bogdan Koca , Roma Kox , Bartosz Bielenia , Bartosz Adamczyk , Kamil Tolinski , Modest Rucinski , Marcin Sitek , Jaroslaw Antoszczyk , Wojciech Michalak , Piotr Farynski , Wojciech Czerwinski , Grzegorz Emanuel , Kasia Koleczek , Maciej Maciejewski

A janitor in Warsaw stumbles upon a time-traveling device in his apartment and gets stuck in the past while the woman he’s been seeing looks for him.

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