The Clinic (2010)

Release Date:
Runtime: 94 mins
Genres Crime Horror Mystery Thriller
Actors Tabrett Bethell, Freya Stafford, Andy Whitfield, Clare Bowen, Marshall Napier, Elizabeth Alexander, Sophie Lowe, Boris Brkic, Marcel Bracks, Adrienne Pickering, Slava Orel, Inga Romanostova, Harold Hopkins, Anni Finsterer, Bob Marcs, Laurence Fleming, Kelsey Mckenzie, Cecily Polson, Chris Holloway, Zac Wise, Damenica Brain, Mya Crampton, Evie Isabella Green, Lexi Willow MacMaster, Tilly Rose Faure-Brac, Ella Ruby Reeson, Bob Marcs

While traveling across country with her fiancé, Beth wakes alone in an isolated clinic to find her unborn baby has been removed. Just how far will she go to get her child back? |

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