Strait and Narrow (2016)

Release Date: 05 Sep 2017
Runtime: 120 mins
Genres Action Adventure Drama
Actors Stephen Brodie , Christopher Phipps , Marcus M. Mauldin , Kassandra Marron , Pete O. Partida , Alcides Dias , Tiana Bratten , Jason Skeen , John William Galt , Martin Ezelle , Brandon Craig , Martin Salisbury , Pablo Esparza , Rene Lavertu , Michael Loris , Kimberly Gail Williams , Shelley Trotter , Gary Kaposta , Jeff Hoferer , Danny Whisenant , Kevin Crank , Kalina de Moura , Matthew Thibodeaux , David Thibodeaux , Anthony Fort , Gidget Taylor , Suzanna Rodriguez , Camilo Calderon , Jacob Dacus , Rakhi Gunasinghe

Strait & Narrow Strait and Narrow A decorated Marine wages war against a Chicago crime lord to protect his ill daughter.

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