Shockwave (2017)

Release Date:
Runtime: mins
Genres Action
Actors Stacey Oristano , Rib Hillis , Ed Amatrudo , Bruce Thomas , Tyler Perez , Morgan Lindholm , Evan Sloan , Mike Capozzi , Jason Cabell , Josh Crotty , Cassidy Schiltz , Chris Ashworth , Autumn Federici , Matt Hish , Kunal Shetty , David Tillman , Seen Enkidu , Joseph Makkar , Soufiane El Khalidy , Daniel Lench , Rigan Machado , Sheena Ryan Verá , Omar Angulo , Jerry L. Buxbaum , Joost Janssen , Ajna Pecenko , Reggie Ridgway

When a pair of military robots crash on a deserted pacific island, a team of navy seals goes to destroy them, with disastrous consequence.

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