Seventy Times Seven (2012)

Release Date: 01 Dec 2012
Runtime: 98 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Josiah David Warren , Tim McGrath , Erica Lloyd , Tina Ballerina , Seth Barber , Mindy Faulkner , Zachary Michael , Michael Miller , Rick McMann , Lisa Foster , Rafael Hernández , Megan Kestner , Mike Frisbie , Daniel Kindregan , Lindsey Hutcheon , William Trujillo , Beverly Sartain , Shannon Solis , Kyle Dodd , Peter Hutcheon , Chloe Flores , Ketrick "Jazz" Copeland , Drew Wardell , Tyler Tancrede

Love is the greatest commandment of all. Especially when you are asked to love your enemy. Seventy Times Seven puts this scripture to the extreme test when David Anderson marries his best…

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