Rent (2005)

Release Date: 23 November 2005
Runtime: 135 mins
Genres Drama Musical Romance
Actors Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal, Rosario Dawson, Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Idina Menzel, Tracie Thoms, Taye Diggs, Julia Roth, Porscha Radcliffe, Stephen Payne, Darryl Chan, Ken Clark, R.C. Ormond, David Fine, Mackenzie Firgens, Jason Foster, Daniel London, Aaron Lohr, Wayne Wilcox, Bianca Sams, Heather Barberie, Liisa Cohen, Sharon Ferrol-Young, Liz Ramos, Kristin Medwick, Katie Weber, Angela McConnell, Feleciana Stevenson, Kim Williams

This is the film version of the Pulitzer and Tony Award winning musical about Bohemians in the East Village of New York City struggling with life, love and AIDS, and the impacts they have on America.

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