Redbelt (2008)

Release Date: 09 May 2008
Runtime: 99 mins
Genres Drama Sport
Actors Max Martini , Matt Cable , Chiwetel Ejiofor , Alice Braga , Jose Pablo Cantillo , Emily Mortimer , Cathy Cahlin Ryan , Luciana Souza , Cyril Takayama , Scott Barry , Ricky Jay , Randy Couture , John Machado , Rodrigo Santoro , Ricardo Wilke , Caroline de Souza Correa , Tim Allen , Jack Wallace , Jake Johnson , Dennis Keiffer , Rob Reinis , Dominic Hoffman , Michael Kenner , Mike Genovese , Bob Jennings , David Paymer , Kimko , Joe Mantegna , Rebecca Pidgeon , Jennifer Grey

A fateful event leads to a job in the film business for top mixed-martial arts instructor Mike Terry. Though he refuses to participate in prize bouts, circumstances conspire to force him to…

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