Permanent (2017)

Release Date: 15 Dec 2017
Runtime: 93 mins
Genres Comedy
Actors Patricia Arquette , Rainn Wilson , Kira McLean , Nena Daniels , Devin Albert , Elainey Bass , Kearsten Bloomer , Brian Bremer , Jenna Brister , Owen Buckenmaier , Anthony Cardella , Kim Cheek , Chris Condetti , Paul D'Elia , Candy Dennis , Ellie Duffey , Annelizabeth Ferrigan , Sarah Ferrigan , Scarlett Ferrigan , Aidan Fiske , Michael Greene , Jacqueline Jones , Kaleigh Jo Keller , Chelsea Laren , Alexis Leggett , Griffin Littles , Katherine Manchester , Jane McNeill , Nina Millin , Johnathan Newport

Permanent is a comedy about bad hair, adolescence, and socially awkward family members. It involves life-altering permanents and poorly-made toupees. Obstacles to daily survival ensue.

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