Pandemic (2016)

Release Date: 1 April 2016
Runtime: 91 mins
Genres Action Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors Rachel Nichols, Alfie Allen, Missi Pyle, Mekhi Phifer, Paul Guilfoyle, Danielle Rose Russell, Pat Healy, Robert Lewis Stephenson, Amanda Baker, Sara Tomko, Dominic Bogart, Alexander Ward, Jeff Atik, Jaime Gallagher, Britain Simons, Kim Estes, Sarah Suits, Luke Barnett, David Suits, Charlie Barnick, Samantha Baugnon, Cassandra Bautista, Jola Cora, Kinjal Dave, Jasmin Day, Joe Drea, Nea Dune, Anthony Eftimeo, Matthew Jay Evans, Emma Farabee

Pandemic is set in the near future, where a virus of epic proportions has overtaken the planet. There are more infected than uninfected…

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