Overexposed (TV Movie 2018)

Release Date: 26 Jan 2018
Runtime: mins
Genres Thriller
Actors Mary Katherine Duhon , Marguerite Moreau , David Maldonado , Jake Allyn , Ashley Wood , Sam Chance , William Tate , Taylor Murphy , Suzy Weller , Damon Carney , Brooks Ryan , Lacey Lett , Tiffany Feese , Katie Hooley , Collin Place , Josiah Overstreet , Ginger Gilmartin , Glenda Radigonda , Conor Allyn , Amelia White , Becky Bartlett , Gina D. Brewer , Joy Brewer , Stacy Casaluci , JR Hatchett , Desiree' Jones , Jessica Knobbe , Paige Kriet , Jessi Kyle , Alyssa Laronde

A gritty thriller dealing with topical social issues, Overexposed is the story of a teen girl caught up in a sexting scandal that leads to panic, outrage and murder.

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