Once Upon a Time in Vietnam (2013)

Release Date: 22 Aug 2013
Runtime: 102 mins
Genres Action Adventure Drama Fantasy
Actors Dustin Nguyen , Veronica Ngo , Roger Yuan , Thai Hoa , Ngoc Diep , Hieu Hien , Phi Thanh Van , Van Hai Bui , Nguyen Hau , Quang Minh Do , Jason Ninh Cao , Hoang Phuc Nguyen , Bui Minh An , Phuc An , Duong Bao Anh , Do Hoang Chien , Mai Dinh Chien , Tran Huy Chuong , Nguyen Thanh Dat , Tran Anh Duc , Tran Toan Huu Duy , Vy Ha , Ngoc Han , Dinh Hieu , Nguyen Quang Hieu , Vu Thai Hoa , Nguyen Minh Hung , Thanh Huong , Ton Duc Huy , Le Kham

Assigned to protect a small town in Vietnam, Dao arrives to fight against the crime boss; but soon his past catches up with him, threatening to destroy the cherished village.

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