Modern Life Is Rubbish (2017)

Release Date: 27 Apr 2018
Runtime: 105 mins
Genres Comedy Music Romance
Actors Ian Hart , Daisy Bevan , Jessie Cave , Tom Riley , Sorcha Cusack , Freya Mavor , Tallulah Haddon , Steven Mackintosh , Josh Whitehouse , Will Merrick , Caroline Boulton , Kiera Bell , Matt Milne , Lily-Rose Aslandogdu , Daniel Eghan , Alice Alexander , Jason Matthewson , Toby Osmond , Adam Lazarus , Emma Bryant , Jackson Kai , Malcolm Modele , Cedric Tylleman , Attila G. Kerekes , Timothy G Kendall , Alan Wood , Rajesh Kalhan , Kornelia Horvath , Darren Higham , Christopher Marsh

Brought together by their shared love of music, ten years on Liam and Natalie are at breaking point. In their case opposites attract but don’t necessarily work long-term. Making the…

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