Losing in Love (2016)

Release Date:
Runtime: 96 mins
Genres Comedy Drama Romance
Actors Martin Papazian , Marina Benedict , Ronnie Gene Blevins , Claudia Doumit , Shaun Duke , Conni Marie Brazelton , Melissa Pino , Jenica Bergere , Mark Valley , Tristan Lake Leabu , Keili Lefkovitz , Shane Johnson , Alex Désert , Samantha Sloyan , Summer Spiro , Dan Warner , Ski Carr , Gabe Nagy , Jill Renner , Jamil Walker Smith , Alison Rood , Alice L. Walker , Kirby Elaine , Christy Williams , Presciliana Esparolini , Devin Crittenden , Shelia Graham , Carlyle King , Eric Davis , Madeline Mack

An imaginative love story that centers on a struggling writer and brokenhearted waitress who find the ability to once again believe in love amidst a world both real and imagined.

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