Last Kung Fu Monk (2010)

Release Date: 01 Oct 2010
Runtime: 93 mins
Genres Action Adventure Comedy Drama
Actors Cindy Carino , Robert Christie , Matt Harlan Cohen , Shirley Corpuz , Major Curda , Ivette De Jesus , Kristen Dougherty , Ivan Escott , Sarah Fasha , Michael Faulkner , Kate Forsatz , Cristinel Gheorghiu , Markus Goldberg , Matthew Gooley , Sang Hu , Ma Hong Jing , Johan Karlberg , Andrew Kong , Rachel Krah , Max Lalanne , Jim Lee , Bing Lei Li , Peng Zhang Li , Temur Mamisashvili , Hillary Mazer , Marili Mejias , Jeff Millstein , Kathy Laino Millstein , Justin Morck , Tim O'Hearn

A Shaolin Monk comes to the United States to take care of his deceased brother’s son. He establishes a school with a former student who leads him into trouble with the Russian Mafia.

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