Happy Death Day (2017)

Release Date: 20 October 2017
Runtime: 96 mins
Genres Horror Mystery Thriller
Actors Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Ruby Modine, Charles Aitken, Laura Clifton, Jason Bayle, Rob Mello, Rachel Matthews, Ramsey Anderson, Brady Lewis, Phi Vu, Tenea Intriago, Blaine Kern III, Cariella Smith, Jimmy Gonzales, Billy Slaughter, Donna Duplantier, GiGi Erneta, Lindsey G. Smith, Dane Rhodes, Caleb Spillyards, Missy Yager, Tran Tran, Joseph Angelette, John Garcia, Julia Holt, Alexander Christopher Jones, Emily LaGroue, Quintin McKemie II, James Miller

A college student must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a loop that will end only when she discovers her killer’s identity.

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