Downsizing (2017)

Release Date: 12 Jan 2018
Runtime: 135 mins
Genres Comedy Drama Sci-Fi
Actors Matt Damon , Christoph Waltz , Hong Chau , Kristen Wiig , Rolf Lassgård , Ingjerd Egeberg , Udo Kier , Søren Pilmark , Jayne Houdyshell , Jason Sudeikis , Maribeth Monroe , Phil Reeves , James Van Der Beek , Alison J. Palmer , Tim Driscoll , Kristen Thomson , Kevin Kunkel , Patrick Gallagher , Linda M. Anderson , John Reynolds , Carmen Orellana , David Noonen , Bob Bezousek , Ana Marie Cox , Roland Martin , Milo Goodman , Dave Sokolowski , Michael Heathcote , Martha Girvin , Brendan Beiser

A social satire in which a guy realizes he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself.



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