Buddy Solitaire (2016)

Release Date:
Runtime: 86 mins
Genres Comedy Drama
Actors Sally Kirkland , Hannah Kat Jones , Elaine Loh , Dennis Mencia , Shawn Kathryn Kane , Sarah Sharman , Brandon J. Sornberger , Mirela Burke , René Mena , Garret Sato , Leann Lei , Karole Foreman , Shaun Clay , P.J. Ochlan , Ken DuBois , Evan Kishiyama , Dominique Razon , Natalia Bobrich , Lee Chen , Jason McBeth , Leonel Claude , Michelle Luchese , Dennis Nicomede , Ryan George , Samba Schutte , Brian Zo , Audra Kinkead , Blaine Vedros , Phil Biedron , Matt Steele

Buddy Solitaire is a struggling comedian on the late night circuit. The only job he can get is teaching comedy to the mentally ill. Buddy discovers, however, that by helping these patients,…

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