Before the Border (2015)

Release Date:
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres Adventure Comedy Drama
Actors Khadijjah Mote , Delon de Metz , Joshua Leary , Claire Scott , Nicholas Guest , Christopher Judge , Tom Fox Davies , Jared Poulin , John H. Adams , Doris Becker , David Bielewicz , Brandon Bissell , Dan Bush , Montel Bush , Betsy Butoryak , Lori Clapper , Linda Bright Clay , Dan Crozier , Robert M. Edgecomb , Michele Erdman , Vincent Giovanni , Matt Gustafson , Shannon M. Hart , Claire Hedlund , Sherry Hudak , Michael Lee Kimel , Jessica Krstic , Timothy R. Larson , Jake Lawson , Shauna Leone

A highly driven law student eludes her entitled rival as she retraces the path of the underground railroad.

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