Alison’s Choice (2015)

Release Date:
Runtime: 92 mins
Genres Comedy Drama Family
Actors Chanel Marriott , Bruce Marchiano , Alicia Monet Caldwell , Gregg Wayans , Britt Prentice , Julian Alexander , Sarunas J. Jackson , Jennifer Keller , Amy Lyndon , Liz Randall , Amanda Conlin , Megan Hui , Megan Black , Kaitlin Newman , Lori Newman , Sibia Torres Padilla , Dani Sandoval , Myah White , Brooke Conlin , Bunny Gibson , Maria Conlin Marchiano , Everleigh Skinner

Alison, a teen, is facing pregnancy. With nowhere to turn, she finds herself in a “clinic” about to end her baby’s life. Suddenly a man appears. His mop tells her he’s the janitor….

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