Alex Cross (2012)

Release Date: 9 November 2012
Runtime: 101 mins
Genres Action Crime Mystery Thriller
Actors Tyler Perry, Edward Burns, Matthew Fox, Jean Reno, Carmen Ejogo, Cicely Tyson, Rachel Nichols, John C. McGinley, Werner Daehn, Yara Shahidi, Sayeed Shahidi, Bonnie Bentley, Stephany Jacobsen, Giancarlo Esposito, Chad Lindberg, Simenona Martinez, Jessalyn Wanlim, Christian Mathis, Tim Holmes, Ingo Rademacher, Tiren Jhames, Sonny Surowiec, Darcy Leutzinger, Brian Jackson, Christopher Stadulis, Timothy J. Richardson, Steffen Dziczek, Ideene Dehdashti, Dave Bender, Chris Wallis

A homicide detective is pushed to the brink of his moral and physical limits as he tangles with a ferociously skilled hired killer who specializes in torture and pain.

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