5 Doctors (2016)

Release Date: 27 Feb 2018
Runtime: 92 mins
Genres Comedy
Actors Max Azulay , Matt Porter , Emily Walton , Zoe Azulay , Bobby Moynihan , Eddie Pepitone , Jodi Long , Jeremy Shamos , Peter Friedman , Adam Dannheisser , Jordan Baker , Joe Pera , Annabelle Zasowski , Jack Scott , Ann Gulian , Lane Kwederis , Natalie Carter , Dan Azulay , Drew McCarron , Jenna Solomon , Jared Parker , Drew Lewis , Dan Hodapp , Jenn Harris , Nancy Cejari , Tom Corbisiero , Judith Anna Di Donato , Barbara Feinberg , Dan Glaser , Wil Hamlin

Spencer, a struggling comedian and hypochondriac, is convinced that he’s dying from a bizarre array of symptoms. Out of options and armed with a binder full of WebMD printouts, he flies…

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