Note watchnewmvienet.com is only working on listed browsers below.

1 google chrome download for free if u dont have it 

2 opera browser   download for free if u dont have it  

3 Safari browser download it for free u dont have it   

and many more advanced browsers  such as puffin browser, Firefox

watchnewmovienet.com dose not work on listed below browsers

dose not work on    Chromium browser ✘

 dose not work on     internet explorer ✘

dose not work on      Microsoft Edge browser 

1 Is watchnewmovienet.com  free and legal?

yes its 100% free and Absolutely,  legal. We do not host any movies, our users  only link to them

no sign up no account no no subscription needed watchnewmovienet is free.

2 is watchnewmovienet.com work on iPhone android without app?

yes its the site work perfectly fine on iPhone, android, windows phone, tablet, ps3 or higher xbox1 or higher and many more other devices you do not  need to install any app  just search for watchnewmovienet.com

3 i cant find movies i want to watch?

the best and quickest  way to search for movies is searching movies by star name please do make sure u put the correct spelling eg   jackie chan   not  jacky  chan see the screenshot below


4  The Movie doesn’t play, it keeps loading. Why?

Please clear your browsing  history/ cache then reload the page  and wait for the movie to load u should clearly see run time of the movie before pressing play button see the screenshot below  If that doesn’t help  we recommend you to switch to Opera  browser or Chrome for better performance. please do not use Chromium browser, internet explore and Microsoft Edge browser or any-other Microsoft browserwe strongly  suggest google chrome,  Safari and Opera  browser

5 How to download movies?

to download movie first let it load then click on play button then right click and save as.


6 How to turn on Subtitles?

click on CC to to turn on subs

 7 Other problems with watching?

please report the movie we will be fix it within 24 hr. u should include ur email address when reporting if u wish to get update on the movie